Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology

The Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Department of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) is considered to be  the lifewire of the church. It has five functional units with the Research and Statistics unit due to take off soon.

Its vision is to have an established information and communication system that is led and operated by committed, loyal and holy leaders/workers to help season the world, show the way by dispelling darkness and setting the standard, and thus helping COCIN and non-COCIN members to be prepared to see Jesus.

Also its mission is to make appropriate use of information and communication technology to establish and maintain strategic links with COCIN members/institutions, individuals and groups of like–minded Christians and the society in general.

The units of the ICT department are:

The Light Bearer

The mission of the Light Bearer is to enlighten, educate, and mobilize COCIN members and leaders for effective evangelism/mission and discipleship.  To counter unbalanced, dangerous and violence-prone information about the Christian faith. To serve as the voice of the church to the society. To be a feed-back mechanism for the church.  Its website is

Computer Unit

The Computer Unit’s aim is  to ensure that the church is continuously connected to the Internet to facilitate communication within and outside COCIN. To enlighten and educate COCIN staff, members and other individuals to become computer literate. To serve as the voice of the Church through the World Wide Web. To  help provide services in the areas of building and maintenance of information technology (IT) equipment. To guide the Church in decision making with regards to IT, computer training, usage, acquisition and ownership.  Its mission  is  to  have a computer unit that provides IT support and services that will help to meet up with challenges of  IT in the 21st century.

Printing Press

COCIN Printing Press engages in the printing of Biblical materials for COCIN ministry/mission and printing of acceptable materials for individuals and Christian bodies. Its vision is that COCIN has a well established and functional Printing Press that is self sustaining with a stable dedicated workforce that shines the light of Christ in the way they live, do their work, and relate with others within and outside the work environment. Its mission is to meet the printing and publishing needs of COCIN, its members and other believers in a way that glorifies God.

Public/Media Relations Unit

The Media Relations Unit strives to maintain the corporate image of the Church and links the church with the outside world via radio,  television and other means.

Publications Unit

The Publications Unit publishes and acquires sacramental and other materials and sells them to the church and other Christians.

Research and Statistics Unit

When established, the Research and Statistics Unit would maintain a database to enhance easy access to documents, information and statistics of the church in addition to a library and an archive for reading and research.