Evangelism and Church Growth

Evangelism and Church Growth

Evangelism and Church Growth (ECG)

The Department of Evangelism and Church Growth was established in 1985.  This is enshrined in the Great Commission to Christians which states:

Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always to the very end of the age. Matthew 28: 19 (NIV)

The Great Commission was the command Jesus gave to His disciples that they should baptize and teach new disciples to obey him. The mission of the disciples from then onwards was worldwide and not limited to the Jews. This was to proclaim that Jesus is Lord of the Earth and that He died for the sins of people from all nations.

This department is the heartbeat of the church and has a very wide coverage. It is made up of six units and six church groups: all for the purpose of evangelism, and church growth. Units under Evangelism and Church Growth are the Choir, Boys’ Brigade and Girls Brigade. Others are:

Kanuri Project (KP)

This is a people – oriented group within the 10/40 window in the World Evangelization Rating. The Kanuri Project’s head office is in Maiduguri, Borno State. The functions of KP include, among others, evangelization through outreaches, radio (news relay), Christian literature translation work, etc.

Fulani and Hausa Evangelism

These two units operate jointly as a unit. Their responsibilities are the same as that of Kanuri Project. Both units have their head offices at the COCIN Headquarters in Jos. Rev. Hassan A. Mohammed and Sheik Shehu Galadima are the Coordinators respectively.

Sunday School

Unlike the popular view, Sunday school is not a Church group. Rather, it is an arm of the Church. A Sunday church service is for both children and adults. Included in the functions of COCIN Sunday School are the following: training teachers; teachers’ conference organisation; organising Sunday school service for both adults and children; organising the annual Sunday school week; oganising Sunday school seminars and visitation.

Women Fellowship (CWF)

The COCIN Women Fellowship aims at bringing all women under a fellowship to teach, inspire and support each other based on sound Bible principles and to train on general Christian home living. The CWF Coordinator is Mrs. Na’omi Ado Noma.

Youth Fellowship

This group started as a movement in Borno RCC in 1970 with the aim of catering for the social and spiritual needs of youths in the Church. The aim of the Fellowship includes to win, to train and to send the youths out for Christ. Following the huge success of the Fellowship in RCC Borno, COCIN convened the first meeting of church district representatives in youth work in August, 1972 to deliberate on the growth of the work. The General Church Council (GCC), seeing the importance of the ministry among young men and women started appointing leaders to pilot the affairs of the youth at the GCC level as it swept through all the RCCs including headquarters church and Gindiri Ulster church. Recently, the estimated number of members (youth) is about 700,000 in the church.

COCIN Community Mission (CCM) Vom

This unit is the mission agency of the Church that recruits, orients, and deploys missionaries to mission fields, where they engage in evangelism and, where necessary, plant and work in churches for as long as it is considered expedient. There are 15  CCM Mission zones  as at now and each has  a Supervisor; and where there are sub-zones, there are sub-zonal leaders for proper supervision.